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Inflazome has a longstanding collaborative relationship with the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF). In his academic role at the University of Queensland CEO Matt Cooper received grant funding from MJFF (along with Shake It Up Australia Foundation) to explore the role of NLRP3 in Parkinson’s Disease. This ground-breaking research, in collaboration with UQ’s A/Prof Trent Woodruff, resulted in a seminal publication in Science Translational Medicine, validating NLRP3 as a therapeutic target in Parkinson’s Disease. A copy of the Science Translational Medicine paper can be found here. 

Building on the success of this collaboration in March, 2019 MJFF awarded Inflazome funding in excess of US$1 million. The grant will fund the development of a NLRP3-specific Positron Emission Tomography (PET) tracer to allow non-invasive imaging of inflammasome-driven inflammation in the brain.

To enhance the accuracy and probability of success of a clinical trial in neurodegenerative disease, it is important to select suitable patients at the appropriate staging of the disease. It is also essential to determine whether the biological target of interest is being engaged by the drug in the brain. A NLRP3 PET-tracer will aid in these aspects of our drug development.

An imaging tool to visualize neuroinflammation may help investigate Parkinson’s onset and progression as well as evaluate new treatments that could alter the course of the disease. Our Foundation is investing in this research due to the significant potential impact on drug development and patient lives.

Dr Jamie Eberling
Director of Research Programs

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